Group Leader: John Porco – Third Year Graduate School of Ministry, Charis Bible College (Colorado). He is authorized and certified by Andrew Wommack Ministries to teach the course curriculum that is presented in the course study guides developed by Andrew Wommack. This Bible Study group is based in Marietta, Georgia. We accept students with a desire to develop a greater personal relationship with God, through the teachings of Andrew Wommack and his ministry. To register for this Bible Study group, please visit the Charis Bible Study website at the following address.[ http://www.charisbiblecollege.org/resources/charis-bible-studies ]


To connect with believers in the Marietta, Georgia area that want to dig deeper into the message of God’s unconditional love and grace through the teachings of Andrew Wommack. We encourage people to grow in their faith with like-minded believers as they study the Word and fellowship with one another. The leader of this Charis Bible Studies group is a Charis Alumni with a solid foundation in the love of God and has embraced Jesus’ command to make disciples in all nations, even those in his back yard!

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide teachings of the word as it was inspired by God through the bible. Our target audience are believers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as non-believers who are seeking understanding of the word of God through bible study. We provide spiritual counseling, prayer ministry and prophetic guidance through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Our mission is the Great Commission that Jesus commanded us as believers and doers of the Gospel to complete before His return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The focus of our teachings are based solely on bible scripture and the interpretation and the revelation that is provided by the Holy Spirit for the body of Christ. Every effort is made to provide individual guidance for all spiritual encounters that are directed by the Holy Spirit through this ministry. We believe that every word in the bible was divinely inspired by God through imperfect men and women. That the revelations derived from God’s word is given by the Holy Spirit to those that are baptized in the spirit and walk in the truth of His word. Discipleship is the corner stone of this ministry and success will be determined by the calling of each person that we touch with the understanding of God’s love. God’s desire is that everyone come to the knowledge that a relationship with Him is the only way to salvation. Turning from our selfish nature of the world and back to His Grace through faith that His son Jesus died and was resurrected for the exclusive purpose of our salvation. Our aim is to take the message of the gospel to all that are ready to hear it. Amen!